Working at IBBI

Being a part of IBBI is rewarding and gives you the opportunity to work in a challenging environment

It is the opportunity to develop a working career where you will benefit from on-going training, and ultimately form part of a team of professionals where the contribution of each individual really matters. We are committed to maintaining an atmosphere that encourages all our employees to develop their professional careers in an excellent working environment.

The IBBI workforce is crucial not only for the development of day-to-day activity, but also for the company's growth.

IBBI is fully aware that its employees are one of its major assets. We endeavor to manage our human resources efficiently in order to fulfill our commitments to those who rely on us and meet their expectations. We achieve this by ensuring that our employees are highly motivated and that they have the correct balance of skills and knowledge that they need to effectively carry out their missions.

IBBI is committed to providing all employees with a safe and healthy environment to work in. This is reflected in the company's Health and Safety Policy, which details the accident prevention measures in place at each of the IBBI workplaces.

We encourage all employees to progress in their careers by providing them with opportunities for growth within the company.

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